Friday, 24 January 2014

The First Date !!

With earphones in, Vedant was silently humming the songs and dancing his head matching the beats. It was a sparse crowd that day, not too crowded but just enough to make a vacant seat a luxury. Ved, as his loving ones called him, was busy with own little musical world.


This sudden, random soft hand landing on his face, startled him. It was in a long time that he had felt the sensation of a slap. Of course, he was notorious in his school days, but this was different.
“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? YOU THINK YOU WILL GET AWAY WITH THIS?” the lady shouted, boiling red with anger.
“Let me tell you mister, I am calling security right at the next stop. They will beat the shit out of you. Asshole” she continued in her raging voice.
Ved was still coming to terms with what just happened. He reacted by snatching away her cellphone. She gasped at his audacity.

“Excuse me miss, but could you please tell me WHAT exactly did I do ?” he replied in his trademark calm demeanor.
“DO NOT act like that. You know what you did.” She replied, and simultaneously gestured demanding her cellphone back.

By this time, the crowd got really interested in the commotion and started thickening around the place.
bhai sahib aap chup rehna bilkul” Ved gestured to a man who tried to contribute his views.
“Now miss, kindly elaborate on the incident, for the public if not for me.”
“He touched me from behind. This bastard.” She addressed the gathering around, with misty eyes, convincing everyone with her cute misty-eyed face.
Ved couldn’t help but smile at her accusations.
He again hushed the people around as they tried to intervene. A few ladies came around too, staring at him with disgust.

“So you are saying, accusing me rather, that I touched you and tried to take advantage of you in the crowd. Is that it?” he questioned her, with a slightly raised voice. He was still smiling, almost mocking her accusations.
“Yes.” The girl replied.
Through the corner of his eyes, Ved saw a couple of guys cracking their knuckles, gearing up to beat him up. Idiots.
Ved gave a brief laugh at her answer, the one you do when you are extremely angry at someone but their stupidity brings out the funny side.
“OK, so did you see ME do that ? DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT ?? As simple as that, did you or did you not ??”
“I didn’t but…” she replied, on the brink of a loud cry.
No one replies in the manner Ved did, if he is really guilty. The girl seemed to notice that by now. But Ved was not in the mood to let go.
“Did anyone around here see me do that?? DID ANYONE SEE ME DO THAT ?” he thundered at her, scaring her back a few inches in the process.

The girl just gazed at the floor, a couple of tears rolled down her eyes. She started walking away.
“Don’t run away now. You brought this up.” Ved was not backing down. “Why in hell would you assume I was the one touching you when neither you nor anyone else can back up your accusations. Don’t you see the crowd here? Do you really think someone would molest you in public, that too in this crowd? Koi Katrina Kaif to ho nahi tum ki humse ruka na jaaye.
This just broke all the barriers that prevent a girl from crying in public. She wailed frantically. Some aunties tried to console her. She walked away.

Although triumphant, Ved felt guilty. He knew he shouldn’t have pushed the matter too much. He stood there silently pondering over the events that just happened, and then walked up to her.
“Don’t cry now please. It doesn’t suit your cute face. I shouldn’t have been so harsh. Would you accept my apologies over a cup of coffee or tea or whatever you like?”
She nodded in agreement.
"By the way, what's your name ?"
"Vidula. And yours?"

And that was to be his first date, ever.

A few weeks later…

“Why do like me so much now? Main koi Katreena Kaif to hoon nahi” she confronted him one day, out of nowhere.
“You are my life. You are much better.” He replied.

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