Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Death of SMS

Well no, this post does not refer to Sardar Manmohan Singh, rather the real SMS – Standard Message Service. I am assuming most of us guys and gals who can pay for their broadband and crawl upto this piece, are past their SMS-ing days. We have moved over to greener pastures – WhatsApp (green icon ;)), BBM, Snapchat, Hike, WeChat and the likes. Let’s take a moment out of our busy chatting schedules and remember the long lost friend of ours – the SMS, which is on its deathbed as of this very moment.

For the toddlers who grew up sucking on the touchscreens, SMS is, or better, ‘used’ to be a text messaging client critical to mobile phones. The day cellphones started fitting in our pockets, SMS became an integral part of our day to day communications. Earlier in the days, calling our beloved ones showed our concern. As the world shrunk and social interactions started turning into luxury, SMSes came in handy, or maybe they were the reason.

And unless the modern day chatting services, it cost you to use the SMS service – a prime reason for its downfall. The free services provide better alternatives. Nowadays, an SMS is a luxury and if you receive one even from some crappy weight loss or hair fall prevention clinic, consider yourself privileged. If a guy texts you just because you don’t have a WhatsApp on your cellphone, marry him.

We have already lost the services of the Telegram, which was declared dead and taken off the ventilator support last year. The guys who have cellphone below the grades of a Nokia S40, are looked down upon. Stop this discrimination. Let’s pledge to SMS our friend in a different city then ours and make this world a happy place.

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