Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Engineers - The Superhumans


Apparently, etymology suggests that the word Engineer is derived from ‘anjaneyar’ which refers to Hanuman who helped build a bridge and didn’t hang around with girls. Following in his footsteps, the entire engineering fraternity has embraced the principle of celibacy (brahmcharya). They only offer themselves as a sacrifice to the holy matrimony (arranged marriage hi naseeb hoti hai engineers ko). However, like in every cultural practice, there exist some defaulters who violate this holy principle and hang out with their girlfriends.
Sometime during childhood, an inevitable question is put in front of every student in India – bade hokar kya banoge?? Most of the innocent minds reply with doctor or engineer. Teachers and parents take this joke literally. Those who dare to dream of becoming a cricketer are beaten to pulp back home, and their answers turn to either engineer or doctor the very next day. Now, the obsession with marks and grades increases tenfold. Engineers are nothing but the victims of this carefully planned conspiracy. They fall prey to peer pressure and choose science over arts and commerce. The world never remains the same again.
Their daily life is overpowered by integration and differentiation. A rainbow is not a majestic masterpiece of nature, rather an interplay of diffraction and reflection. The speedometer gets an additional vector to represent the direction as well. Bugs make way into the computer screens, shunning their conventional habitats. Salts are no more a mere ingredient of a mouth-watering dish, instead by-products of chemical reactions. And light does not travel in a straight line anymore.
Students still have an option to choose a different career path after school, but no, the daredevils that they are, engineering is the way to go. If you have a keen eye, you’ll notice that an engineering student's life has a few basic similarities to that of a soldier. He toils hard against the university, determined not to give up. He fights hard against the university’s advanced weapons (read minors, majors, practicals, viva and all). The wounded ones, crippled with backlogs (supplementary etc.), still strive ahead riding on a strong will to survive. The thrill is their inspiration. ‘Backless’ is a pleasurable term for engineering boys in two contexts – when a girl’s gown is involved and when a B.Tech degree is involved. A backlog is an ornament, a battle scar the students show off as a mark of pride.
A course in engineering teaches you to control your intelligence. The very same power to reason, which was suppressed when you filled your admission forms, is brought out during the examination seasons. It’s amazing how a person whose knowledge of current affairs is limited to the first page of the newspapers, completes a technical book after just a few hours’ worth of effort, laboring day and night nevertheless.

Sahil ke sukun se humein inkar to nahi ae dost,                                                    
Magar toofanon mein kashti nikalne ka maza hi kuch aur hota hai.
An engineer is a commendable addition to a society. Not merely for his mettle, but for the hardships he endures during his college days (just kidding of course). Those four years are capable of sucking the very life out of anyone, even Rajnikant if you may. 'Ticks' are small blood-sucking parasites. In that sense, a course in engineering may well be called Bachelor of Ticknology (B.Tick). Even more terrifying is a hostel-dwelling engineering student. It’s a common saying, “hostel mein admission insaan leta hai, lekin graduate ek darinda hota hai.
Anyhow, this is not a sad narration of a loser, just an account of the life non-engineers are spared of. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because Archimedes’ principle. Once you get used to this life, it’s more fun than it seems anyway. If books terrify you, try B.Tech.
"Mechanical sab ka baap hai, 
Computer Science sab ki maa hai,
Civil pardada hai, Electrical pardadi hai,
Electronics sauteli maa hai 
aur baki bache branch inke bacche hain"

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