Saturday, 5 October 2013

Just Another Exam !!

“Psst… psst… hey ??” it was my umpteenth attempt to  get her attention. On some previous few occasions she looked at me and just turned away.

“Hey, 2nd question??” I tried again. “Come on yaar, just give me a hint at least.”
“Draw a hatch filter circuit and derive the equation for impulse response.” She turned back for one brief moment and whispered all that in one breath.

I couldn’t make much of that as I had no idea whatsoever what that meant. I forced my brain to think and the first question that came to my mind was, “What the hell is a hatch filter ??”

That question was a very significant part as the following question was dependent on that answer. Anyway, with no other option, I switched on my creative mode and did what engineers do best – make up an answer. I penned down whatever came to mind regarding ‘hatch filter’, first the ‘hatch’ part then the ‘filter’ part. Convinced that I had written enough, I moved on and completed the paper well within the stipulated time.

As I strolled out of the exam hall, I was in for a rude shock. It was supposed to be ‘match filter’. I had studied that very topic just in the morning and could’ve explained it to perfection. If only I paid a little more attention to what she answered back. Dammit.

I looked at the marks allotted to that particular question. They were a bounty worth – 10 marks. Luck was ROFL.
All I could do then was to pray I get some marks for trying. It was a bad day.


  1. Hahaha...I do the same thing when I dnt know the answer but sadly I never get marks for it :|

    1. haha.. it depends on the professor's pity :D

  2. enjoyed reading it :) nice creativity


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