Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Guide to Cyber-Stalking

Stalking is a science. And every science is a subtle form of art. So is stalking. It takes some amount of practice to be able to transform into an invisible hawk, gliding effortlessly amidst countless profiles on the social network. Now that is one necessity of stalking – stealth about which you will be enlightened in the coming few paragraphs.
Before we dig any deeper, it would be wise to familiarize ourselves with some technical terms concerned with the field of stalking.
Stalker – the culprit, the one who indulges in stalking irrespective of the self-interest or the lack of it involved.
Stalkee – the one being stalked, the target (crush, crush ka boyfriend whatever)
Friendliness (F) – a Boolean expression which evaluates to TRUE if the stalkee is a friend (connection or follower) of the stalker and FALSE otherwise.
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