Saturday, 13 July 2013

Girls !!

The creator of the universe didn't dare to think beyond the IIMs, hence missed out on the honor of being an IIPM-ian. The lack of His management expertise is evident in the way He managed the project of populating Earth. A major technical glitch resulted in the most mysterious species ever known - Girls. Some features are sure creative. But the guy who programmed their brains must have been some inexperienced fresher. He unknowingly created an unsolvable, uncrackable puzzle for the rest of humanity to solve.

The idea that everything can be understood, solved and remodeled goes down the drain when it comes to the creatures we are discussing. Girls are an exception to every possible theory in the galaxy.

Every new possibility or impossibility and various scientific phenomenon attract the best minds to justify the event, to present answers and to solve the mysteries. The big bang theory, evolution, the God particle and similar more theories have fascinated scientists. Hundreds of new species of flaura and fauna are discovered every year and they. They are then studied to know our planet better.

But this particular species is left untouched, unsurveyed. Maybe for good. It’s stupid and pointless to go ahead with the research when the result is certain – failure and more drama.
As far as the mysteries  are concerned, they are mysterious in themselves. They can't be categorized, thus multiplying the complexity. There is no visible or theoretically possible starting point and no end to that. Every new definition challenges the previous one.

The reason no two statements bear any correlation, or why this article, as a whole, makes no sense is because...well, have a look at the topic, isn't it obvious??


  1. Hehe... I went through the piece and somewhere in the middle I asked myself... What is this trying to convey?
    And you gave the answer to that question also in the last line! ;)

    Loved your writing...Hmm...I can't find the like button (Is there one?)

  2. Well,being a girl I won't say we are "that" difficult to be understood. I wont be justifying myself saying things like "we want just this,that,those" etc etc...I wont even try,that's because I know that its natural for one species failing to understand the other.
    I actually didn't like the way things have been exaggerated here.

    1. well it was not meant to be anything more than a playful humor, but i apologise if i've hurt your sentiments


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