Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Frankly Shitting.

An engineering student’s fear, a job interviewee’s worst nightmare, the giant slayer - well ... that is Arnab for you. He is an external examiner no student would want to be within 10 feet of. He is a dementor capable of sucking out your very reason to live. And recently, Rahul Gandhi found himself in the same room as Arnab, for close to 80 minutes. It was child abuse at its extreme worst, a brutal butchering of logical answering which may put even an engineering student to shame.

It all started with a friendly handshake. Arnab started by reminding Rahul that it was his 10th year as an MP and first formal interview ever. The reason Rahul put forth for why it took him so long for a formal interview was that he was mostly concerned with ‘internal party work’. Yeah right! One thing impressive about Rahul, and he sure should put it up his resume, was that he audaciously questioned back the man himself. One simply does not question Arnab. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. Never.

For more on the latest media sensation, visit Campusghanta.

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