Friday, 6 December 2013

Religion ??

Religion - an extremely confusing word in my dictionary. What does it mean?? What defines religion?? What constitutes a religion?? These are some important questions that have led to me being an agnostic. What is the prerequisite for a religion to exist?? Is it a mythological heritage, which in reality may not be anything more than someone’s greatest work of imagination?? Or just the belief that someone out there keeps a watch on all the good and bad deeds??

A lot of coincidences are attributed to divine interventions, dismissing all the available logic. As a society, we were never fond of logic anyway. I always have had a hard time standing in front of an idol, and praying with closed eyes. That, for me, is laziness and a pessimistic lack of confidence in one’s own abilities. According to some popular preaching, God helps those who help themselves. Then by asking the almighty for some extra marks, money and blessings defies the very sentiment of the statement. A little faith in oneself, in one’s own power and capabilities more than makes up for the fact that you need someone’s blessings to accomplish a task.

Why then are we required, by social convention, to try and please a deity which is nothing more than a rock figure we have surrendered ourselves to?? A religion is nothing more than story developed to answer what science can’t. The universe wasn’t created by a God, nor will it come to end due to one, and he certainly doesn’t control and command the weather and the rains.

There is no hell, only the obnoxious reality we live in. And heaven is just some optimist's overly creative imagination.

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