Sunday, 22 December 2013

Countdown to the ‘Battle’ - The End Semester Exams

10 days to go...
(‘nervousness’ rating - 0)
No worries baby. 6 subjects, 10 days... Wait, one exam has a 3-day break, and one has a 2-day break. This precious preparatory leave won’t be wasted on those two stupid subjects. So it’s down to 4 subjects, 10 days. I am so going to nail this semester :D!!

9 days to go...
('nervousness’ rating – 0.2)
Sleep. Breakfast. Sleep. Lunch. Sleep. Have a look at the syllabus.
Movie. Dinner. Sound sleep. Oh yeah !!

8 days to go…
(‘nervousness’ rating – 0.5)
“Bro, what’s the best book for Digital ?”
“Syllabus hai usme complete ?”
kahan milegi ?
oye, kahan jaa raha hai ?”
“Books kharidne :l”

7 days to go…
(‘nervousness’ rating – 1.0)
The target is set to something like ‘5 topics per subject’. All that is accomplished is one topic of the easiest subject, that too without the numerical part of it. Efficiency is low no doubt, but at least it’s not zero.

6 days to go…
(‘nervousness’ rating – 1.8)
Probably this is when we come to terms with the lingering danger and the magnitude of it. When we realize it’s less than a week to go and we haven’t covered any significant, worthwhile topic, it’s bound to numb the brain. But that’s the trigger. This realization is what that helps us in getting our acts together and start worshipping the books again.

5 days to go…
(‘nervousness’ rating – 2.7)
This is the point beyond which the ‘fati padi hai’ rating starts skyrocketing. Every passing minute seems precious. Some are even willing to skip a meal or two to devote the time to books. We think it will help, but the time saved is wasted making rough, mental timetables and resolutions for the next semester.

4 days to go…
(‘nervousness’ rating – 4.0)
Now with just 4 days remaining, it’s a dilemma whether to study for the first exam or try the subject having not more than a single day of relaxation. And the day passes with none of the subjects touched.

3 days to go…
(‘nervousness’ rating – 5.9)
These 3 days are dedicated solely to the first exam. The rest of the exams are doomed unless something magical happens during the night before the tests.

2 days to go…
(‘nervousness’ rating – 8.1)
Slowly, our brain starts functioning again when the rust has been removed during the previous few days. The syllabus which seemed pretty casual turns into a herculean task to complete. Laptops are switched off, mobiles are put off senseless gossiping (bakchodi) is cut out.

1 day to go…
(‘nervousness’ rating – 10.3)
Lut gaye, barbaad ho gaye. Ab kuch nahi ho sakta.  
We could see our life’s flashback in front of our eyes. All hopes steadily come down to close. Luckily, if we had covered a few topics during the minors, we revise them and leave the rest.

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