Sunday, 1 December 2013

How to get a girl’s contact number ??

Well, it’s an art. Girls are very sensitive when it comes to their phone numbers. Just so you know, in your relationship with a girl, and by relationship I am mean the friend-zoned guys too, destiny has allocated just a couple of seconds when you can ask for her number. You have to identify that time zone and slip in your request in just the nick of time. A second here and there and you may well be branded a pervert or asshole. This brings us to an all important question – how the hell do we get a girl’s personal mobile no. ?? Excerpts from my extensive research thesis on the subject…
1. Something called stalking.. 
It’s a widely popular trick used by all, from wannabe boyfriends to existing boyfriends trying to explore other options. Select a target, keep an eye on her Facebook, Twitter accounts. Assuming she is smart enough, you won’t find a detail as personal as a mobile no. on display. Count your lucky stars if you manage to catch one still. Since Google+ is new in the market, she may be struggling with the privacy settings. Here is when you strike.

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