Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Kid at the Store

I saw him enter the store. He was looking at the surroundings with suspicion, as if he had seen the articles on display for the very first time. He looked at every passing stranger from the corner of his eyes, his head bent down the entire time. Occasionally he would  touch his ear, nose and head in a strikingly similar pattern.
The manager saw him too. He instructed me to follow and keep an eye on him.

He walked down to the cosmetics department, held out his hand and picked up a perfume bottle without sparing even a glance at it. The manager called me for a while and I lost sight on him. A while later I saw him sitting on the stairs, spraying the perfume on the CDs he must have picked from the computers department.
People passed by, laughing at his antics. 

"What kind of idiot sprays perfume on CDs ??" exclaimed a person laughing hysterically.
By then, we all knew he was harmless. I still stood there looking at him. He was innocent, some 15 year old teenager. 
"See..see.., now Alex wo.. can't play on his.. comp.. uter. You won't get an... gry no.. now." he stammered. 
His father took him away, after paying for the damaged CD.

The kid had an accident last summer, severing his brain. We learnt that later.


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