Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Life In A Metro !!

'Keep your hands off me, pervert'.  Squeaked the lady.
'Excuse me Ma'am, were you born with a mental disability?' I said, as politely as allowed.
 ‘Can’t you the see the crowd in here, if you have any problem with your body being touched by someone other than you, you shouldn't be here. Go straight to the first coach. It’s reserved for people like you. ''

I have made my point, I guess. The issue highlighted here is that of reservation, specifically that one prominent in the Delhi metro. This may well be prevalent elsewhere, but let’s save some time and patience.

Starting in 2002, the Delhi Metro transformed the transportation in the national capital. Over time, travelling by road became passé, losing to the comfort of the metro services. It won’t be exaggeration saying Delhi and Delhi metro are synonyms, just saying. I mean, today if you get lost on treacherous Delhi roads, you look for a metro station, ANY metro station. They are landmarks.
And the ridership is just humungous, one thing to say. Management is superb. It’s one thing to travel, and a whole different experience to enjoy that journey. Delhi Metro provides that.

Everyone was equal and all was well until late 2010. It was announced that ''First coach in every metro will be reserved for the fairer sex''. Well, that's ‘unfair’!!
This was the one thing coming out of every delhi-ite belonging to the 'un-fairer' sex. I, for one, made it a point to travel in the first coach. It was an obsession. My dreams came crashi...blah. It wasn't very pleasant news at first. But hearing stories of molestation every other day, this was a good move.
Bottom-line- 'reservation for females in metro'- an outright 25% of the metro (considering 4 coach metros). Considering the sex ratio in Delhi, the larger part of the population was squeezed into a smaller portion of space. This was not all. Even in the remaining 3 coaches, seats were reserved for women.

 ''Excuse me, that’s ladies seat''
‘‘But the first coach is empty''
‘‘But there aren't any seats left''
That man, rendered helpless by morality, stood up and offered his seat. That actually wasn't an offer. His seat was just snatched away. Men are crippled by their moral urge to help/please women.
This happens all the time. Some auntie, would come strolling, target a ladies seat and start demanding their right with full authority. These are the same ones who start shouting like anything when any part of a men's body comes even in the vicinity of theirs.

Arre mohtarma, agar itni hi samasya hai purush jaati se to apni tashreef le jakar pehle dibbe mein kyun nahi thama deti !!

Sometimes, pretty ladies do that too. Happy men jump out of their seats, in reflex, and sacrifice their humble throne hoping just to be shown some gratitude in return.

Bada dard hota hai jab wo bhi nahi milta.

‘‘Excuse me, can I have that seat, it’s reserved for ladies.'' a pretty lady, somewhat my age but way too cute, owned that voice.
‘‘Not legally''. I mumbled, overcoming the force of attraction exerted by her face.
‘‘Am sorry??'' She said.
‘‘Yeah, I said this seat is not reserved by law, just a privilege. I am not giving it up. Do you believe in equality??'' I asked.
‘‘Of course I do. Now...''
‘‘Then keep standing. You look pretty young and capable of doing that. There I am offering you equality.'' I am not too proud of that tone of mine.
She breathed a curse I didn't care about, and left.


  1. absolute awesome read !! Alok.. rightly u pointed out the atyachar of these opportunists- they who can easily rob you off your seats in a train or bus . Loved your treatment - if equal rights are needed even pains should be shared equally !! :D very nice read !!

  2. Exactly my point. I am grateful for your appreciation :)

  3. Hi,
    This is my first blog post, thought of sharing with you and ur follwers. Please have a read



  4. hey Alok really loved the way you described the situation ,i mean i could literally imagine the picture of what you have written.keep up the work..you are doing great.:) and i more thing what is that license thing shown on top right corner.i am a writer too and i want to know.

  5. thanks a lot manpreet for the appreciation man :)... i am glad you liked and understood what i tried to say....

    and the licensing thing is to protect your work from being copied and published without your consent. here's the license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/deed.en_GB)

    i am not aware of the legal boundaries of the license or whether it is acceptable or not.. but something is better than nothing ...
    get the license code for own work (http://creativecommons.org/choose/results-one?license_code=by-nc-sa&jurisdiction=&version=3.0&lang=en_GB)

  6. hey, you expressed some dissatisfaction over the move that larger part of the population was squeezed into 4 compartments but then don't you think that larger part doesn't face as 'large' problems as the 'fairer-sex'/ smaller part of population.so this move by DMRC is justified i think

    1. actually my dissatisfaction is over the fact that even after after an entire coach being reserved for ladies, there still are some seats for them in the general coaches. this is not equality


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