Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Good Samaritan !!

It was lunch time at Sean’s firm. He was the CEO of the organization. Tall, handsome and much younger than his age exhibited, he was known for never holding back in helping those in need. As he had just recently displayed when he helped fund an ambitious project which resulted in the birth of a new company. He refused any credit or stake in their profit.
He had started his own firm way back in his late 20’s and since then he and his firm have earned respect and accolades all over the globe.

He headed to the McDonalds outlet nearby his office for a silent peaceful time alone, away from his usual office-place commotion, a rarity in his busy schedule. He placed his order and searched for a solitary corner. He had always complained how small and inconvenient the chairs were, a fair argument considering his abnormally tall physique. He let out a brief grunt looking over the obnoxious size of the furniture but sat down eventually, stretching his legs under the table as far as they extended to.

Munching on his monotonous meal, pondering over the aftermath of his firm’s recent failed merger attempt with a Silicon Valley startup, he was startled by a loud thump. An attendant had tripped over, Sean’s long, outstretched legs being the culprits. Sean stood up, reaching out to help the attendant on her feet. She was oozing blood; her head had hit the table next to Sean’s.

He apologized frantically but soon realized she required medical attention more than his apology. He placed a $20 besides his unfinished lunch and called his driver. The attendant, Susan as her nameplate mentioned, was swaying around, being unconscious almost. Sean held her up in his arms and laid her on the back seat of his car, took the front beside his driver and asked him to take her to the nearby medical center. He paid for her care and told his driver to stay back and drop her home once she is discharged.

He took a cab back to the McDonalds outlet. As the head of a huge firm, he was well aware of the importance of manpower in any organization. As Sean expected, the restaurant was already reeling under the pressure of managing heavy footfalls in this busy time of the day. They had just lost their Assistant Manager, as it turned out, to Sean’s inability to keep his legs in check.

Sean talked to the manager and offered his sincere apologies for the mishap. In addition, he insisted on replacing Susan by offering his services, at least during these busy hours. The manager, well aware of Sean’s status, tried to convince him that they were capable enough to manage without her. But on Sean’s continued insistence, he agreed, albeit reluctantly.

Sean instructed his assistant to re-schedule all his meetings in the evening. Then he put on his suit back to cover up the blood stains on his sleeve and proceeded to his new temporary responsibility. It was in a long time that he was interacting with customers directly, on a personal basis. And he was a people’s person, charming and impressive.

Those who knew him were surprised to see him in this role. It was another topic of gossip for them, a guessing game rather, as to how he ended up there.

 There were some who were oblivious to his stature.
“Excuse me, who is that guy in the suit ??” a customer asked.
“Well ma’m, that is Sean Anderson. He is the CEO of Cap-One. That skyscraper you see outside, it’s his office. He owns the place.” The attendant nearby replied and sensing her confusion from the puzzled look, he continued with the complete story.

Disclaimer - This is a work of imagination and should not be confused with any real-life incident. Sean Anderson and Cap-One are a figment of imagination.

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