Wednesday, 2 October 2013

F.r.i.e.n.d.s !!

Friends are the essence of life,
For they are the only true fragrance.
My friends are my idols,

Some taught me to be humble,
Despite the heights of success,
For the fall is terrible from the peak.

Some taught me to put thoughts into words,
For an idea dies eventually,
But the scribblings on a parchment lives on forever.

Some taught me to never fall in love,
For there is no pain,
Mightier than a heartbreak.

Some taught me a smile is invincible,
For a smiling face is one you see in your grave,
No more than forgetting to breathe.

Some taught me to use WhatsApp :D,
For there is no greater joy,
Than to text and annoy your crushes.

Some taught me to hurl abuses,
For err .. dunno :l

My friends are my strength,
My friends are my weakness.
My friends are my idols.

Sorry Shakespeare,
For this 'poem' will become,
The new definition of 'awful' !!


  1. Well, a great attempt!
    I guess Shakespeare's creations were more awful :P
    Friends are really your best teachers! They don't just teach you, they live every moment with you. :)


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