Sunday, 3 November 2013

What if … Rahul Gandhi As PM?

Indian politics is one of the most hyped and discussed topic of interest worldwide at this time, not just because we are a significantly huge democracy, in turmoil these days, but because with over 1.2 billion as population, the next year’s general election may affect the overall IQ of the globe.
The competition for the office of PM has come down to people’s champion NaMo and the mass entertainer RaGa. Almost all of the media, both print and India TV are heavily doped on every statement these two make, every breath they take. Anyway, I think we have the strongest race for the prime position of Indian politics in a long time, with two extremely versatile candidates in fray – one has a way with the masses, the other being Kapil Sharma’s only competition.
However, it would be a “Legen…wait for it...Dary” day if RaGa comes to power. My arguments are as follows:
 1. Common sense will be declared as a superpower.
The country has seen enough. ‘Intelligent voters’ was declared an endangered species the day Congress was elected for a second term. If the tragedy continues for a third straight term, legends like APJ Abdul Kalam will be declared Stan Lee’s super-humans, and common sense would surely be a superpower – being possessed by only a handful few.
 2. Freshers will have a solid defense.
Since eternity, fresh graduates have been cold-shouldered for lack of experience. Consider this – if a totally useless person with no previous cabinet responsibility and with no leadership quality whatsoever is the first choice of an entire political party to be the PM, this can certainly be used to get a job in that very country!
“I’m sorry, you have no previous experience. We can’t hire you.”
“But sir, Rahul Gandhi…”
“Yeah, fair point, kal se aa jaana kaam par.
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