Saturday, 16 November 2013

Sachin Tendulkar and the Mass Effect

The man needs no introduction. Such has been His aura that he overshadowed all other Sachins in all spheres of life. The mere mention of His name in a crowded place sends everyone in a frenzy, hopeful eyes start searching for one glance of the master, but out emerges an 8 year old kid named Sachin by His parents hoping someday he will replicate His scores (yes, capital H for the God). He inspired his young fans to be polite, clean and dedicated as He took the high road when his team was in turmoil, engulfed in the betting scandal. Two decades of memories and thundering cheers are about to calm down. A religion is about to lose its deity. His is a name synonymous with the game itself. He makes it look easy.
The master has served the nation, inspired a generation of cricketers and unified the country like never before. Here’s how He has affected the country…
1. Population control…
For the 20-odd years he played cricket, not much sex happened when he batted and he batted for so loooong. His career has contributed more towards population control than the multi-crores spent on awareness campaigns. India would have surpassed China’s population years ago had it not been for Sachin Tendulkar.
 2. The Bharat bandhs
Strikes have been a striking feature of our democratic model. Political parties, trade unions have been pursuing it as a hobby for years. Har doosre din koi na koi rooth kar bandh ka elaan kar deta hai.Unintentionally, Sachin has also done the same, but unlike the above mentioned bandh, not one soul complained when Sachin was on the ground. Corporate offices reported loss of productivity, students bunked colleges and people stayed home to see the genius at work. There have been multiple ‘public holidays’ thanks to Him.
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