Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sarcasm - An Idiot's Klingon

If you have come across this article by mistake, remember it isn’t a mistake but a well-planned conspiracy of the universe because you were considered too stupid otherwise. But what on Earth is this sarcasm thing I speak of ? Well, the dictionary defines the word as..
“A tongue of which the user speaks but means something the complete opposite”
It is the bastard stepchild of irony. It is your body’s natural defense against stupidity.
oye likh raha hai kya ?
nahi, pen paper ka intercourse kara raha hoon.

Sarcasm, for those few who have a rare knack for understanding it, has the best comedic value. But by no means is sarcasm just another form of jokes. Instead, it’s a language mastered and spoken fluently by only a handful, for instance Chandler Bing (if you are past your teens and still have no idea who this guy is, you are void of any valid reason to be counted among humans). And ironically his best friend was Joey.

As a proud member of the human race and having the required talent and skills of being sarcastic, it’s too bad being surrounded by morons. Some of us have a level of sarcasm so advanced that it becomes difficult to differentiate when we are kidding and when not !!

You don’t need to be a genius to notice that one of the major pillars any type of humour stands on and one of its most aromatic flavours is sarcasm. The ‘ghanta’ part can be used to return a cruelly sarcastic reply to virtually anything thrown at you.
oye, kal class karega ?
ghanta karunga.
tune mere 100 rupaye dene hain oye
ghanta dene hain

On a rather serious note, there are some medically defined mental states that inhibit some people to grasp the subtlety of sarcasm. But for all the rest, you might not be medically certified, but being a moron deserves sympathies. Sarcasm is the encrypted language of the intellectuals and Klingon for the idiots… and an important tool to fend off idiots without them noticing !!

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