Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Gandhi Clan - Software Version !!

Jawaharlal Nehru (v J.0) went offline in 1964 after a hard disk failure owing to outdated hardwares. Indira Gandhi (v J.1.0) went offline in 1984 after her systems were hacked by her own anti viruses. Rajiv Gandhi (v J.2.0) was online till 1991 when a trojan managed to sneak past the firewall and blew the systems directory.

Sonia G (v J.2.1) and Rahul G (v J.3) [the modified version of Rajiv G], are running on the latest processors with frequent software upgrades provided by various open service providers. Their system files have been inaccessible lately, being protected by an illogical OS (UPA) and antiviruses (DigVJ, PC, Manish Tiwari etc.).

Their firewall models have been challenged by Arvind K, the latest and advanced software released by Anna Hz. This software has uncovered some scam folders occupying large segments of system memory and HD space and having a few files related to the G-family softwares.

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