Monday, 22 July 2013

The DRS Memes !!

In the wake of the recent DRS disasters in the ongoing Ashes Series, here are a few memes related to the issue !!

Its a basic human instinct. Everyone hates when one's authority is challenged. More so, if you've held a primary respectable position in the game for so many years. Cricket umpires surely are having a tough time coping with this new challenge called DRS !!

With the stake they hold in any ICC decision, BCCI undoubtedly have strengthened their defense thanks to the latest DRS controversies in the Ashes.

That awesome moment when your decision is challenged and reviewed by the teams and it's upheld by the TV umpire :)... Billy seems to agree !!

Stuart Broad's to walk or not to walk controversy surfaced again in the 1st test. A spare review would've put that to rest, but Australia didn't have any left.
Umpire's hold a critical power in the game of cricket which should be used responsibly. Aleem Dar admits that...

Now spare a thought to that ill-fated test series or more specifically the second test of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, 2007-08 between India and Australia. Steve Bucknor emerged as the villain. Probably, that was the series where DRS was required most.

Australia's sportsman spirit was questioned after the following incident...

...and another one involving Symond's edge and Steve Bucknor's terrible umpiring !!

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