Friday, 22 May 2015

David Letterman Leaves His Late Night Legacy Behind

David Letterman signed off on a high. He didn’t choke up on his last day on the job. He didn’t make any teary eyed speech. He must be broken up inside - 33 years is long time for a job to become part of one’s existence. And to part away spreading laughter is testament to the legacy of Dave Letterman, a legacy 33 years and over 6000 shows old. He signed off the same way he started – with the elegant comedy late night viewers have accustomed to expecting from him for over three decades.

David Letterman started in show-business in 1978, impressing Johnny Carson and becoming a regular guest on The Tonight Show hosted by Carson, whom Letterman credits as being his mentor and earliest influence. Late Night with David Letterman debuted 33 years ago, in 1982 on NBC with Bill Murray as the first guest. A cake smeared Bill Murray appeared as a guest on the penultimate show and also in the Top-10 segment on the final episode. In 1992, Dave left NBC to host Late Night with David Letterman on CBS network after apparently, he was denied the The Tonight Show by NBC, a job which went to Jay Leno. He announced his retirement in April last year and Stephen Colbert was nominated as his worthy successor soon after.

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