Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ode to the Refrigerator

[So I lost my refrigerator after some 20 years. Here’s a heartwarming, emotional ode to that mighty machine, from the bottom of my cold heart.]

I remember when you came home for the first time. I followed you all the way from being unloaded from the truck to inside the home a floor up. I gave up my prized striker’s position which came but rarely, tossed the bat in air and accompanied you all the way to my home. I remember protecting you from the leering eyes of the spectators, some of them my own friends trying to convince to come back and finish the match. But they soon realized, nothing was more important than welcoming you home. I remember you being carried up the stairs while I marveled at your beauty and shine. I still remember that day like it was yesterday, even after some 20 years have gone by in reality. I remember when you were switched on for the very first time, amazed by the golden, sparkly light that lit up when the door was opened. 

You were a constant presence in my home, before I started school and when I finished school. I remember you were there when I woke up in the middle of the night, hungry and thirsty. You were the sight that calmed and soothed the senses in times like those. You kept the water cold when it needed to be. You kept the food fresh when it needed to be. You selflessly served the family and guests for 2 decades. Never asked for anything out of the ordinary, never complained, never gave us a reason to worry. You were there when we needed to put stuff on top of something. You were the constant companion when we moved from one house to another. 

And after all these years, 20 years, I heard about your sad demise when we needed you most (summer season is upon us). And look at us mortals, unable to think past our own interests, we are off to find a new refrigerator.

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