Thursday, 15 August 2013

Intellectually Paralysed !!


At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world slept, in a matter of minutes, we were an independent nation. We were on our own, no one to work for, no one to answer to. But since then, the journey has been tough. 
As a nation, we’ve been independent for 67 years. But as citizens, we’ve essentially been captive and our captors have held various vague forms. We are young and we’ve a huge potential to be recognized globally and we’ve taken some steps towards that over the years. But still, somewhere, somehow, we’ve lost the track.
Our country has fought for its freedom and fought well for an excruciatingly long period of time. We know the value of being free. We have come a long way since then, fighting for the integrity of the country all along. Painful as it may sound, but here is the underlying trouble – we are still fighting, fighting to be freed from prejudices, struggling to break loose from the grasp of commotion.

Over the years, we’ve seen some great leaders emerge in various fields, politics being a major one. The elected members who form the government affect our nation’s growth. And since they are chosen and elected by us, the common man, we’re directly at the helm of our own future. We’re the ones responsible.
Most of the regional political parties’ election campaign center around the caste based reservation system. They compete in the promised percentage if elected to power. The prominent illiteracy and the lack of educational facilities hinder the public from seeing through such mouth-watering promises. The result being, they end up criticizing and lamenting their own decisions.

Consider this…
We engage in a marketplace conversation about the upcoming elections, criticizing the government policies in every possible sentence and finally mutually agreeing to vote for the very same party just because our common neighbor happens to be a party member. And of course, we’d hate to spoil our relation with a politically affluent guy.

You see what we did there?
A decision, which may possibly control our gas prices, home budget for the next 5 years, which was worth a rational discussion and thought, was dominated by personal interests.
As a voter, that’s how we roll !
Now, after the elections, one major aim of the opposition is to senselessly dispute every proposed change by the ruling party, because fuck logic.
Digvijay Singh jaise neta public mein khule chhod diye jaate hain. And the coalition governments these days are a bigger drama than the saas-bahu serials.

Another issue which demands our attention and questions our society’s mindset is the eminent social malpractices in abundance. Our country holds together multiple diversities. We never waste any opportunity to brag about our cultural heritage. We shamelessly bash the western culture. However, we are still not ready to acknowledge and attend to the flaws in our own social structure.
Child marriage, female feticide, caste discrimination are some just to name a few. Our society is equipped to justify these, in legal perspective, crimes. With a paralyzed thinking to go with, these practices are followed unquestioned. Strange country, no doubt.
If you search for a justified reason for the continuing practice of such traditions, a common reply would be that it’s because our ancestors have followed these traditions for centuries and we cannot disrespect their reverence. As can be inferred, we are not yet ready to accept logic. Reasoning holds no weight.

We are known for blindly following the crowd. That’s one easy way out. We refrain from using our brains where it can actually make a difference. Today we are an independent nation, history would say that, but in hindsight, we are prisoners of our own narrow-mindedness. A rational discussion numbs our senses.

As a nation, we’re intellectually paralyzed. 


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