Saturday, 17 August 2013

Life Of A Facebook Addict !!

The phenomenon had started when I was busy enjoying the tension-free simplicity of primary standards. I got a computer at home in my 11th standard and, to cut the story short, have been ruining my life ever since. Facebook has been an integral part of my life since the moment I first logged in. I had graduated from Orkut.

Here’s an excerpt from a typical day, maybe for many of us.

Today, I woke up early,
The sight was pristine,
So my friend's status said.
But before I could notice,
The raindrops falling,
I reached for my cellphone,
And the Facebook app just opened up.

The routine chores were carried out,
I dressed up for college,
And scented fragrance all over.
But before I could check out the lecture routine,
The Facebook app just opened up.

Gliding down the stairs,
I felt the smooth breeze,
It was pleasant, it was real.
But before the flight down to the ground could end,
The Facebook app just opened up.

It was time for breakfast,
A fruitful, satisfied appetite,
That's the way to start, isn't it ?
But before I could notice the menu,
The Facebook app just opened up.

The lecture was boring,
As they always are,
My brain stopped functioning,
And I just continued copying down the notes,
Much like a zombie.
The story continued till the last one.
But before the lectures could end,
The Facebook app just opened up.

The day was draining,
And it drained the psyche out of me.
Sitting there idle,
Staring into outer space,
Moments passed by,
And the Facebook app just opened up,
Multiple times.

The last supper done,
Lying down in my bed,
Staring at the sparkling stars,
On my laptop,
I realized that it was time,
To stop writing any further.

The alarm clock beeped,
I woke up,
And the dream shattered.
And then out of nowhere,
The Facebook app just opened up.


  1. Reema Michelle D'souza21 August 2013 at 06:41

    Nice one! Loved it!

  2. Thank you :)


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