Thursday, 13 October 2016

If You Hate Chetan Bhagat, Ignore His Work.

Mohammad Jesus Chaturvedi is an avid reader. He was born with an account on GoodReads and is one of the most active bookworms ever known to the medical community.
As a self-proclaimed descendant of Geoffrey Chaucer, he hates Chetan Bhagat to the core. He blames Bhagat for everything that is wrong with the modern day English literature in India, nay, world. He loathes his literary skills so much that he reads every column CB spits out, every tweet he farts and buys every single one of his 'books'. He will be awake late into the wee hours at night, carefully gliding through each character just to critique CB's skills he so actively despises.
Such self-annointed literature nazis have cropped up across all social platforms. Release of CB's books is followed by week long tweets/posts quoting excerpts from his books, mentioning how degrading his portrayal of point of view of women really is.
They then go home, counting likes and retweets like a cocaine dealer counts his cash, and wonder how the hell is CB one of this country's bestselling authors.
Chetan Bhagat may not go down in history as the most popular English language author of the country, but his seven million sold copies, Filmfare award for best screenplay and much more, will be quoted to justify his popularity and presence in the bookshelves across the globe. Sigh!

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