Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hygiene?? What is that??

Hygiene and cleanliness are top words hostellers are most oblivious to. Most citizens of country are, too, but hostellers even more so. Our idea of ‘cleaning the room’ is abandon the room for good, pack a tent and move to the Himalayas. Our idea of bathing is body deodorants. Our idea of hygiene is, well we have none. Some boys do keep their room clean and tidy, they are called girls. Sorry for being incredibly sexist. Truth hurts. Tough luck.

When I lived with my parents, back during the school days, I HAD to clean my room. It was horrible. But I still did it as I considered it as an alternative to paying rent. I had to stack up my books and notebooks. The protocol was to put the larger books at the bottom and move upwards to smaller ones. But I went for a little detour every once in a while. I became obsessed with my study table once. Had different stacks for books categorized on the basis of importance. It was fun. For some time. And I have learnt just recently that I was supposed to make my bed too. Bummer.

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