Sunday, 11 January 2015

Here's Why Gunther is the Single Most Standout Character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is probably a massive milestone among all that humanity and civilizations have achieved so far. Friends probably ignited the whole concept of ‘binge watching’ as soon as it was available. You don’t just watch one or two seasons of Friends and leave it for something else. Such humans capable of that crime don’t exist and they shouldn’t be allowed to roam this holy planet.

Of all the characters we have fallen in love with, of all the stars who made guest appearances, of all the anecdotes, of all the jokes Chandler made, of all the women Joey slept with, one character, one persona, one man stood out – Gunther. I might or might not be exaggerating here, but if I have to choose one character, just one, I would say Gunther. Here is my defense–

Each one of the six friends is equal in all aspects, Gunther stands out.
Considering all those who frequented Central Perk, Gunther was the most unique of all. All the six friends – Ross, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe, are equal in lot of aspects. They are all equally fun, charismatic and it’s extremely difficult to single out a character that made a mark. Of course we have our favorites, but there’s no denying that no one character is better than others in all aspects. Such was the genius behind the show. Each character has five best friends. And this is where Gunther takes the crown. He’s awkwardly funny, miserable, but funny. He is not a member of the group but his presence is acknowledged as he’s invited to the parties the gang throws.

Everyone is as impatient as the next friend in the group, Gunther stands out.
If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, users prefer not to visit that site again. We lack the patience to wait in lines to pay the bills and for tickets. Such is our level of impatience. Of course, in the 1990s when Friends ruled the television, the situation in terms of patience wasn’t much different. On Friends, it was Ross and his now immortalized sandwich. In times like that if a simple guy waits patiently for the girl of his dreams one breakup after another, for that perfect moment to swoop in, he wins the crown for me. Patience is a virtue rarely seen these days, even on television.

Follows the path of non-violence, so Gunther stands out.
I always had a feeling that in one of these episodes, Gunther would murder or hire a hit-man to kill one of Rachel’s boyfriend and the sitcom would go True Detective style. Honestly I admire Gunther’s endurance constantly tested by the boyfriends, some annoying as hell. He firmly believed Rachel will be his, sooner or later. Somewhere in parallel universe, it might have happened, hard to tell. But Gunther, I salute you man for not going all Saw on Ross and others.

Very relatable to the rest of our love stories that ended before starting, so Gunther stands out.
Most of us have that secret crush we all hope would materialize one day, but instead our love dies a painful death at the hands of some paleontologist Ross, Paolo, Tag or worse, Ross again. Rachel was maybe a bit too good for Gunther, a little high maintenance for someone as simple as him. Still he pursued her, selflessly meeting her demands at the café, more so because it was his job but you get the drift.

Hairstyle. BAM! Gunther stands out.
Assemble an army of a thousand blondes of all shades and styles and my man will stand out in the crowd - silky, silver white hair retrieved from the Antarctic. Enough said.

Defense rests.


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