Tuesday, 12 August 2014

RIP Robin Williams

I woke up today and looked outside the balcony. It was sparkling sunny with a light breeze. It was beautiful. As is customary, I opened my laptop and the status bar corresponding to Patch Adams’ torrent was green. Forced by habit, I logged in to Facebook next and found the timeline full of condolences for Robin Williams. It seemed like another one of celebrity death hoaxes found on the internet in copious amounts. Sadly, it wasn’t.

Robin Williams was one of the most recognizable faces in every child’s life. Most of the current generation grew up watching the rib-tickling movies like Mrs. Doubtfire , Flubber (1997), Patch Adams and numerous others. He took us on an adventurous fantasy land in Jumanji (1995), made us sit back and notice as a friendly psychologist in Good Will Hunting, and brought Ted Roosevelt to life in Night at the Museum (2006).

He played a playful unorthodox doctor in Patch Adams (1998) and made us fall in love with the character and we hated him as an oppressive caretaker of some homeless orphans in August Rush and as a murderous crime novelist in Insomnia. He also lent his unique voice to universally known characters like Genie in Aladdin (1992).

Parallel to his successful career in Hollywood, he made his mark as a stand-up comic. He was spontaneous and connected with the audience, leaving them is splits with his incomparable humor. His stand-up comedy tour ‘Weapons of Mass Destructions’ was a very successful one too.

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  1. My favourite will always and always be Mrs DoubtFire :)

    1. Likewise... and you should see him Good Will Hunting and Insomnia too :)


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