Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Might Of Yellow !!

The color yellow fascinates me and the reasons are plenty. The obsession is so in my head that any team sporting yellow jersey adds me in the list of it’ssupporters. And I may not be the only one.
Psychologically speaking, yellow is said to be the color of mind and intellect. It radiates optimism and cheer. That, evidently, is showcased by the teams sporting the color, be it CSK in IPL (cricket), LA Lakers in NBA (basketball) or Brazil in international football.
Now let’s consider a case study. For the sake of convenience and our precious time constraints, let’s just consider only the teams I just mentioned.

LA Lakers,

Well, frankly, I started following the LA Lakers much before I came to know about NBA – the championship they play for. Their jersey – the yellow one, intrigued me. And justifying the definition of yellow, they have dominated NBA from the very beginning, producing legends like Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant.
Have a look at the statistics – 3,125 wins, highest win percentage (. 620), 31 NBA final appearances and 16 NBA championships. These are surely some cheerful, mindful stats and that’s pure yellow.


Although it’s the most popular sport on Earth, for the ignorant few, their knowledge of soccer is limited to the heroics of Brazil – a name that sends shivers down the spine of the opposition attributed to the history of domination they have enjoyed over the years. Brazil has been the most successful international football team with 5 FIFA World Cups and 3 FIFA Confederation Cups. And for those who understand the essence of it, they are the only team to have participated in every single Football World Cup till date. Also, they boast of legendary names like Pele and Ronaldo.
And did I mention their jersey’s color ??

Chennai Super Kings (CSK),

5 time finalists, 2 time IPL champions, 1 time CLT20 champions, and team color- yellow. If statistics speak for themselves, they have spoken. Need I say more??
Continuing with my habit of choosing favorite teams based on their uniforms, CSK has been my default choice since the IPL’s inception and they have proven yellow’s might with an outright domination in the tournament.

Well, that was just a hint of the yellow. In any particular tournament, the journey of every team culminates with a gold medal – a symbol to appreciate the team’s skills, and the tactics that paid. Yellow comes close in symbolizing the same. Considering the teams I discussed and countless more examples, for instance the Australian ODI cricket team, the yellow jersey in Tour de France and more. Yellow has surely proven to be the golden uniform.
Even though there is no shortcut to success, try sporting a yellow jersey and fortunes might just be interested in you.
And as far as sports are concerned, yellow surely is mighty!

This post has also been published on Sportskeeda.


  1. I agree , there is some magic in yellow colored dresses in sports. Adding to the examples you mentioned Australia ODI team also has yellow color,although their test cap is baggy green and they won three world cups in a row and ruled world cricket for long time. So yes yellow color can do wonders for you.

    1. Precisely yes... in addition, cyclists fight for the coveted yellow jersey in Tour de France


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