Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hostel ki Rotiyan !!

1. Todo to jaane...
A challenge from mess workers. You would require both your hands and, a pair of scissors would be an added bonus. The real challenge being shoving the pieces down your esophagus and keeping them in your body for as long as possible before they get rejected.

2. Wet...
Too much liquid on the rotis (they call it 'ghee '). Slimy as hell. You would have to treat it like an after-shower towel and squeeze the 'ghee ' out before your digestive system even starts considering it as edible.

3. The pseudo-roti...
Looks like a normal roti from a distance but turns out to be an uncooked masterpiece with just enough adhesive to hold the flour together and maintain the shape.

4. The black hole...
Just like the typical black hole mortals are aware of, this thing will suck-in all your happiness, hunger and the will to live. You got it right, it sucks.


  1. Ha ha i completely agree with you , this problem is universal i guess. I remember a joke which got repeated in every new batch which came to the hostel that those roti's are weapon of mass destruction that United stated of America was searching with such commitment,you cannot cut it with your mouth, cannot digest it but if you throw it a someone ,he/she will surely get injured.

    1. they do cause mass destruction anyway... its like child abuse through food ;)


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