Sunday, 3 July 2016

Late Night BS - When Your Wi-Fi/Mobile/Laptop Tank

When your Wi-Fi dies on you, you start exploring the rest of your laptop and realize there are a lot more applications installed besides your browser.
You dive into the storage, discovering a whole lot of things, scavenging through some weird folders created couple of years ago. The 2 year old you was weird but he was still you, so you decide not to delete the weirdness and hope your computer password is strong enough to prevent this from being exposed to the outside world, you know, where people judge people.
You end up watching a couple of episodes of F.r.i.e.n.d.s because when you have nothing, you have friends (the TV series of course).
A few minutes later your laptop gives up too because the U.P. government kicked in and electricity went back to it's hometown like 3 hours ago.
You power up your 'smart'phone to find some solace this time of the night/morning. You have no Wi-Fi as has already been established and an Airtel mobile connection is a myth. You end up listening to music, starting off with some soulful ones and all of a sudden Himesh Reshammiya nasal bombs your hearing abilities. It's time to update the playlist but...
'What do we say to effort ??'
'Not today.'
Your android 'smart'phone goes into power saving mode with one of the most annoying sound ever. You are helpless because it's still U.P. and power banks are a just expensive paper weights in these parts.
A little while later, your last escape from the reality - your phone tanks too.
You start introspecting. Guilt and shame surrounds you and that's when you, an atheist, turn into a theist, praying to the old gods and new (of Uttar Pradesh government) for the wonderful gift to humanity - bijli.

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