Wednesday, 5 February 2014


‘Be fearless’, ‘Never be afraid’ and some similar mottos are some of the most flawed ideologies. Fear is one of the most substantial traits of a person. A daredevil stuntman seems fearless, but in reality he has learnt to overcome his fears. There is difference, a considerable one, between the two. Only the fittest survive in this world. And fear is one necessity of that ‘fitness’.

Now it must be puzzling. We have been taught to be fearless form the earliest moment we could remember. But the real lesson beneath that is to overcome your fear. A thing like fearlessness doesn’t exist, unless it is medical condition. Face your fears - as highly intellectual it sounds; it can also be painfully stupid depending on the situation. If your fear is being eaten alive by a carnivore, you wouldn’t want to face a lion or tiger now would you?? If your fear is being shot dead, you wouldn’t want to be facing the nozzle of a loaded gun. Do face your fear, you are most welcome. Just choose wisely. If public speaking is your fear, face it as it won’t probably kill you.

Fear keeps you grounded. It forces you rationalize your thoughts, to take into account all the possible outcomes and consequences of your decision to face or avoid fear. If you have an assignment due tomorrow, your brain consciously or subconsciously evaluates the pros versus the cons of not doing it. You are internally motivated to not complete it, but your brain over rides what the heart wants and forces you out of your bed. Your fear just saved some crucial marks from going to the bin.

Fear keeps you alive, into the game for a bit longer. Don’t be fearless, just learn to control it.

[Coming from someone who is yet to watch a significant horror flick :D]

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  1. Dictators and bullies ride over cowards, said Gandhi. Be fearless. Question...


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